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Jura Fell Race

While this blog is mainly about Islay I will also occasionally post entries about the neighbouring Isle of Jura and Isle of Colonsay. Jura is just over the Sound of Islay (and you can see the Paps of Jura in the banner) and therefore gets the first mention:

I've blogged another visit to Jura from him already, Chris Upson has been to Jura again for the Jura Fell Race. He posts a few pictures of the runners and Craighouse, I guess when he's out on the hills he's too focused on running to take any pictures. Running 16.3 miles in just over four hours (Chris arrived 10th of 146 runners) in that terrain is impressive enough.

I won't be running it myself, but if I everything goes to plan and I'm on Islay for the next festival I'll certainly watch the race. And cheer on Chris assuming he's there again.



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