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Islay Ales in Japan

Picture of a whitewashed building housing a distillery

While I quite like my Islay Single Malts, on a hot and sunny day like today I also like a nice cool real ale. I'm drinking a Saligo Ale right now, an ale from Islay Ales. The brewery started brewing just over two years ago and I've been a customer pretty much ever since.

Initially the beer was only sold on Islay, but they soon started to sell to the mainland, various beer festivals and also to Germany (one of the directors is Walter Schobert, originally from Germany). At some point they also started shipping ales to Japan (Islay whisky is very big in Japan, and therefore is Islay), quite an achievement for a tiny brewery.

As I don't speak (let alone read) any Japanese I can't read any of it, but here is a Japanese blog entry about Islay Ales. Here is another Japanese blog writing about Islay Ales, it links to Pangea, a pub in Japan which seems to sell Islay Ales (among others).



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