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Picture: Wreck of the Wyre Majestic

Two days ago I blogged about the Dangers of the Sea. Looking through some pictures today I found a fitting image to illustrate it: The wreck of the Wyre Majestic.

Picture of a rusty wreck

The Majestic was a fishing trawler of the large fleet of Wyre Trawlers. It ran aground at Rubh'a'Mhill on the southern end of Bunnahabhain Bay, Sound of Islay. Various attempts were undertaken to pull it off the rocks, but they were unsuccessful.

The picture above was taken in summer 2000 from the headlands just past the distillery, back then the wreck was still more or less in one piece despite having sat there for more than 20 years. Over the last few years the currents and the weather have finally started to take their toll and the ship is starting to break up. Here is a picture taken from the ferry to Colonsay in April 2006:

Picture of a rusty wreck just visible in the water

A few links with pages mentioning the Wyre Majestic:

And I hope it shouldn't be too difficult to guess which whisky I'm drinking while writing this entry?



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