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Islay and the Sciences

Most people will think of single malt whisky and rare birds when they think of Islay. But there's more to Islay than just that, science for example. I don't think there is any oil, gas or significant reserves of minerals on or near Islay, but apparently you can conduct field tests for it on Islay:

A company called Vibtech has just successfully completed tests for a 'cable free remote data acquisition and transmission system' on Islay. I have no idea what this system really does and how revolutionary it is, but I'm sure someone will have a need for it. Their website has more information if you're interested.

For the second link between Islay and science we go to the University of Tennessee, but then return to whisky: An alumnus of the university has donated 590 bottles of whisky to the Chemical Engineering department to help students studying how whisky is made. Some of it will be used for analysis, the rest will be sold to support financing a field trip to Bruichladdich, where the whisky was stored.

(Further reading: similar report in the Miami Herald, also in KnoxNews)



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