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Pictures: Machir Bay

I've mentioned before that Islay has quite a few dunes and beaches, after the Strand and Ardnave I'm turning to Machir Bay today. Instead of one picture I even give you two, although they are very similar:

Picture of a sandy beach in a bay

Machir Bay is one of my favourite beaches (and bays) on the Isle of Islay. On a sunny day the colours are amazing, especially when the waves are coming in and are breaking as they approach the beach. On a cloudy it has a certain moody yet calm feeling.

These pictures (they are actually panoramas, created from several pictures) were taken when I arrived on Islay in July 2004 for a visit with my sister. From that day I also created a QuickTime VR panorama of the view over Machir Bay. It was quite busy that day, there were at least five other people on the beach!

Another picture of a sandy beach in a bay

Still haven't got enough? OK then, it's not very big, but here's a 360° panorama of Machir Bay. Want it bigger? Here's a QuickTime VR panorama of the view over Machir Bay and Kilchoman from the crags overlooking the bay.

That will have to do for now, more some other time.



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