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Ben Vicar / Beinn Bheigier

Picture of a hill seen from the sea

Walking, in particular hillwalking, but also beachwalking, is one of my favourite activities on Islay. A very nice walk is the walk up Beinn Bheigier, or Ben Vicar in the Anglicised name.

Paul McHugh, outdoors writer of the San Francisco Chronicle went to Islay and walked to the summit of Ben Vicar. His report doesn't have any pictures, but I can help with that for those who want to get an impression and/or can't do the walk themselves:

I walked up Beinn Bheigier during WalkIslay 2005, for some better views I also created two panoramas, a QuickTime VR panorama of the view north and east from Beinn Bheigier and a QuickTime VR panorama of the view over Ardtalla. We didn't have as good visibility during the walk as Paul seems to have had, but the views were still very nice.

Oh, and the picture above is a view of Beinn Bheigier from the ferry. McArthur's Head in the foreground, then Proaig Bay and the big long bulk of Beinn Bheigier in the centre of the picture. The summit at 491m is on the right side, the other top is lower at 456m.



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