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Kieren Went To Islay

Back in August freelance journalist Kieren McCarthy went to Islay for a few days. There was a mention of a few pictures which would be posted, so a few days ago I nagged him a bit.

And it worked. Yesterday Kieren put his Islay/Jura/Scotland holiday pics online:

Having been nagged, on my own blog an’ all, about not having posted any pics from my trip to Islay yet, I have spent a hungover Sunday afternoon perusing them, saving them and now sticking em up on this site.

I'd say it was worth the hungover Sunday afternoon, some very nice pictures among them, not only of Islay but also of Jura. I love the silly pictures at the standing stone. In regards to the whisky prices, I have a vague memory someone once telling me that because the vast majority of what the consumer pays is actually tax, the distilleries don't really have that much flexibility in regards to selling it significantly cheaper at their visitor centres. Don't know if that's true or not.



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