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Reports from the Islay Jazz Festival

Time is flying again, it feels like I only wrote about the Islay Jazz Festival yesterday, yet the festival is already over again. It looks like it has been a huge success again, at least according to the reports in the Scottish papers:

Rob Adams writes a short report in The Herald simply titled Islay Jazz Festival:

Location. Location. Location. Not for the first time, Islay was the star of its own festival. As the sun shone, giving the best day, weather-wise, in the festival's eight-year history, Bunnahabhain Distillery was the place to be.

If the view outside the distillery's filling shed was spectacular, inside, the island was still centre stage as Colin Steele's jazz-folk ensemble Stramash played the trumpeter's impressions of Islay harbours, haunts and howffs from a week's writing spree last year

Jim Gilchrist writes in The Scotsman under the header Sounds of Monk and bebop disturb Islay's stag heads and whisky sheds:

Coming out of the hall, we found Loch Indaal drifting in munificent starlight like an outrider of the Milky Way. Such island magic was clearly working on Jaleel Shaw, who reappeared on Saturday morning with a quartet of Harrison on piano, Tom Lyne on bass and the redoubtable Tom Bancroft on drums. Was there a particularly jubilant tone to the young reedsman's full-throated sax, or was it simply our knowledge that just two days before he had survived, unscathed, a road accident which had "totalled" his car?

Sounds good (pun intended), doesn't it?



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