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Walking on the Isle of Jura

Picture of a group of walkers on a hill above a sea loch in brilliant sunshine

Last week I mentioned Clare Balding walking on Islay with the Ramblings program (And the program was very nice, I really enjoyed listening to it!). This week she goes walking again, but this time on Islay's closest neighbour, the Isle of Jura on the other side of the Sound of Islay. And if I interpret this correctly she will be really just on the other side of the sound:

Clare Balding travels to Jura in the Western Isles to walk with Donald Euan Durrock and his teenage children. They start on the coast at Inver.

In other words: On Friday the 22nd of September at 15:00hrs (UK time) you should tune your radio to BBC Radio 4 and listen to Clare Balding's Ramblings. I certainly plan to listen to it.

I've been on a few walks on Jura, although not in the area Clare will be walking in. Here are a few impressions from walking on the Isle of Jura:

And no, I haven't been on the Paps of Jura yet. Just haven't got round to do it. Still on my to do list for a future visit...



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