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Islay Paintings

When I post links to pictures or post pictures myself I usually do this for pictures of the photographic variety. Today I'll go for a different type of picture, using a brush instead of a camera: Paintings of or from Islay.

First a local artist: His website is still under construction, but Jim Lutomski is painting from his wee studio in Port Ellen. Well, when he's not repairing bicycles that is.

Then there's Carol Andrew :: Artworks, she also lives on Islay and mainly paints landscapes. You can visit her web gallery for her current work.

I don't know anything about him, but paul's-portfolio includes a view of Portnahaven (Click on the picture for a larger view). You can even see the two entrances to the shared parish church, one for Portnahaven, one for Port Wemyss.

Jonathan Latimer is a wildlife artist, among other things painting wild birds. On his Wildlife Art News blog you can see an acrylic on paper painting of the famous barnacle geese. The real ones can be seen at the Loch Gruinart reserve (well, and pretty much everywhere else on Islay).



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