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Crime on Colonsay?

While I have heard of crime on Islay (the Ileach occasionally reports about the odd theft) and have even seen someone in handcuffs being escorted on to the ferry to the mainland by police, crime on Colonsay isn't something I would expect. Neither would anyone living on Colonsay.

Robert Sharp has just returned from a visit to Colonsay and writes about apparently someone stealing cars and joyriding on Colonsay he heard about on the radio but not found more details. I'm wondering if he might have misheard something, as my Google News search for Colonsay now yields some results:

The Herald writes Colonsay ’s first house thief is fined £400, whereas the BBC opens with a factor the thief hadn't considered: Thief stranded on remote island, in other words he couldn't escape quick enough as there was no ferry that day. And the Scotsman writes How a thief stole isle's innocence. Seems the car thefts were a few years ago.

But the final word should go to The Corncrake, the local newsletter: Crimewatch comes to Colonsay?



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