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Wednesday, 02/Jan/2008

A Few Islay Travel Recommendations

Still getting used to write 2008 instead of 2007 while thinking about what to blog now that we're getting back to normal after the Christmas and New Year break (not that this blog really took one, but anyway). I know, I'll summarise (and in one case criticise) some 2008 travel recommendations to Islay and Jura by the mainstream press. At this time of the year the travel sections of the big newspapers make their suggestions for destinations, Islay and Jura were mentioned three times so far as far as I'm aware:

The Scotsman writes about Malt island. As the title suggests Jenny McNeely focuses on the whisky distilleries in this report, visiting every single distillery on Islay. Nothing really new to anyone familiar with Islay and in particular with the distilleries, but I think a good recommendation for anyone thinking about a first time visit to Islay (provided they are interested in whisky).

The next two are about eco friendly or ‘green’ holidays:

Brian Schofield at The Times writes about Eco-friendly island-hopping. I'm not entirely sure how flying all the way to Vanuatu or Tasmania can be described as eco-friendly (assuming your starting point is the UK), but the Isle of Jura also gets a mention. I'm slightly confused by their route to get there though (as quite likely will be other potential visitors):

From Oban, via Islay, the ferry costs £108 for a car and £21.90pp, return (0800 066 5000,

While you can take the ferry from Oban, that's only possible once a week. Also being only available on a Wednesday that won't work for most self-catering accommodation, which is typically Saturday to Saturday.

Against that The Guardian writes Look, no wings! Richard Hammond lists 10 non-flying holidays, one of which includes a day or two on Islay by joining an island-hopping whisky and gastro tour in Scotland. I assume the tour he means is the The Whisky Coast - Island Hopping Adventure - 8 Day Tour. Obviously not enough time on Islay, but may be good enough for a first visit to Scotland for someone not wanting to drive themselves.

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