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Tuesday, 08/Jan/2008

Watch Out for Rare Turtles on Islay (and Elsewhere)

Last week the Islay Birds blog mentioned a Loggerhead Turtle having been found at Ardnave in the north west of Islay by visitors. As these turtles are an endangered species and another one was found at Ardbeg in the south of Islay this has now made it to the national news and an appeal of the Marine Conservation Society:

The BBC reports with more details about the two turtles found on Islay and another rare turtle found in Wales in Beach plea after rare turtles die. They get blown out to sea by strong winds where they can't cope with the cold water and then ‘shut down’. When washed up on the beach they might still be alive but look dead to the untrained observer, so anyone finding a washed up turtle is asked to inform the RSPCA immediately. Under expert care they can be rescued and make a full recovery.

With the stormy weather this week further turtles could be washed up on British beaches including on Islay, so watch out for what you might find when going for a beach walk.

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