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Thursday, 17/Jan/2008

The Islay Records Record Label

From animals to companies: In my neverending quest to find people, animals, things, places and organisations named after Islay here is my latest find: A Californian record label named Islay Records. How do I know that it is named after the Isle of Islay?

Simple, it says so on the about page:

Islay Records is named after its co-founders favorite scotch producing region.

It is a very young label, only founded in 2007. As of writing this they have two bands signed, The Val Papadins and Kaputnik. Both play ‘Indie music’, usually something I like, though from a quick listen unfortunately neither of them were particularly interesting to me personally. But then tastes differ.

PS: Unfortunately I don't think there's any Islay connection, but I'm looking forward to Glasvegas (Glasvegas on MySpace) releasing their debut CD. Once they are signed to a record label.

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