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Saturday, 08/Mar/2008

Islay Sea Shipping Blog

One of the blogs I've been following for a while is ClydeSights, which writes about ships seen on the Clyde around Greenock. Not very often, but occasionally I even find Islay related entries on it, like the new Islay ferry order or visits of the Islay ferries to the Garvel Drydock, i.e. the Hebridean Isles and the Isle of Arran. ClydeSights has now found some competition for my attention, not on the Clyde, but on Islay:

The blog in question is called Islay Sea Shipping and is about just that. Various pictures from the Islay ferries and other ships visiting Islay on a more or less regular basis. It is run by Elliott, who has a lot of shipping pictures to offer here.

The one missing so far (unless I missed it when going through the blog) is the rare visitor the Bruichladdich blog usually complains about not seeing: The Keewhit. Here's a rare view of the Keewhit at Bruichladdich Pier.

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