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Sunday, 23/Mar/2008

Happy Islay and Colonsay (and Jura) Easter!

Picture of a young rabbit

Kind of awake again after going to bed far too late last night. Happy Easter! Keeping with tradition I have to borrow the Colonsay Easter bunny again as for some reason I don't seem to have a good picture of one on Islay. Or just haven't found them again. Note to self: Take a few good pictures of rabbits on Islay.

Spoke with my father earlier to wish him all the best on his birthday. He's doing fine and my mother is also slowly improving. It's fairly cold and miserable in Germany as well. Not sure if that was his first birthday on Easter or if it has happened before, after all this is one of the earliest Easters for a long time. At the other end of the time span Easter can fall into my birthday falls on the Easter weekend fairly regularly. The next times will be 2011 (Good Friday) and 2019 (Easter Monday). Not that you care and that it has much to do with Islay, apart from that I can consider planning my Islay holidays accordingly.

Talking of holidays, better get back to the travelogue and the Hillwalking near Sanaigmore, Islay page. I hope to finish that and possibly more today. Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend, be it with a nice Easter walk, be it going to church, be it eating Easter eggs, whichever way you prefer to celebrate the day.

PS: for those readers abroad who are not aware, Easter Monday isn't a bank holiday in Scotland, but is a bank holiday in the rest of the UK.

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