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Friday, 11/Apr/2008

Arrival on Islay

Picture of a lighthouse high up on a cliff

Now I hadn't planned or expected to do this, but as I prefer looking at my latest Islay pictures to watching television and as I seem to get a surprisingly good signal here I thought I might as well post a quick entry that I've arrived on Islay this evening. The Islaymobile in connection with Calmac and the Highways Agency have done a great job and taken me to Islay without any major holdups (apart from a minor problem at the M74/M73 junction because of the roadworks).

Picture of a small harbour with a lifeboat and a small ferry

This night I'm staying at The Meadows Guesthouse near Bridgend, where I arrived to a very warm and friendly welcome earlier this evening. Very nice views over to Loch Indaal from here on Claggan Farm. Weather permitting I need to take a few pictures tomorrow morning before I leave for the first walk. It could be a quite wet walk, not necessarily from above, but mainly from below. I was told this winter has been the wettest for 25 years. Fingers crossed my boots will be able to cope...

I've already met one walker I know from last year, she just came over from Glasgow on the same ferry (and we both filled up at the petrol station in Lochgilphead. That was quite expensive, I'm not keen on seeing the prices here on Islay tomorrow. They will be even dearer...). Hopefully there will be many more tomorrow as well as many new walkers. The ferry was quite full, so fingers crossed.

Good night, I need some sleep after a tiring journey.

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