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Saturday, 17/May/2008

Islay Hotel 1st Floor

Picture of a low loader lorry with drilling equipment

With work on the 3rd edition of my printable Islay guide well under way I can take a quick break for more pictures of the new Islay Hotel in Port Ellen. The last pictures I posted were showing the progress in April and were focussing on the ground floor. Work has now moved on to the 1st floor, at the same time drilling for ground source heat has started. Let's start with the drilling equipment arriving on Islay.

Picture of drilling for ground heat in the back yard of a building

The drill and associated machinery arrived on a low loader and was set up in the back of the yard. While the drilling was under way work commenced on the first floor, laying the floor commenced on the north eastern wing.

Pictures of girders and partly completed floors of a hotel

The first floor will mainly hold guest rooms, judging from the picture above at least some of the rooms should get a very nice view over the marina and Loch Leodamais.

Picture of the first floor of a building being worked on

In the parts where the floor is complete work on the first floor walls has started. Judging from the height of the people on the scaffolding at least some of the walls must have reached their full height by now.

Picture of two people on top of a building under construction

Site inspectors have visited the site as well, I assume to check that all building regulations are being followed. After all a hotel is a building open to the public and the safety of the guests and staff must be ensured.

That's all have for today, hopefully more pictures some other time. The planned entry for the new t-shirt at my Armin's Little Islay Shop will have to wait until tomorrow. Good night for now, I'll have a nice Islay Ale and some strawberries, then I'm off to bed.

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