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Friday, 23/May/2008

Friday Mutti on Islay Picture

Today I have to take a break from the normal sequence of the Friday Islay Pictures. Instead I'm posting another picture of someone very special to me today. My mother's funeral was today, I think pretty much everything I want to say about her I've written already. So here's another picture of her on Islay, enjoying her time on Islay with her family, how I would like to remember her:

Picture of Jutta Grewe on the cask chairs at Ardbeg

We (my father, my sister and me) had a lot of support from many people over the last months, again I'd like to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. It really helped us a lot. Now I'd like to remember her as she was in the picture. Enjoying life and making the best out of everything.

I'm going to enjoy a special dram of Islay malt in her memory today. When I visited her or when she visited me, we always had at least one dram together. May be join us with a wee dram in her memory this evening?

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