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Friday, 04/Jul/2008

Liberty Belle on Islay Pictures

While she didn't pick the best time to arrive on Islay I hear the visit of the Liberty Belle to Islay was a success. Flying in from Prestwick the Boeing B17 Flying Fortress arrived at Islay Airport around 15:00 hrs yesterday. I was sent a few pictures to give you an impression of how she looked at Islay's small airfield:

Picture of a Boeing B17 at a small island airport

Some people were given the opportunity for a flight round Islay. Unfortunately I don't know who they were, but if one of you reads this I'd love to hear from you how it was.

Picture of the Liberty Belle Boeing B17

She looks quite big, bigger than I thought. I'll have to dig out a picture of the regular passenger plane to Islay for a size comparison.

Picture of the Liberty Belle Boeing B17

I assume the crew enjoyed some Islay hospitality yesterday and this morning. Just not too much of the famous Islay single malts though, so that they are able to continue with their flight down south today...

No music was playing while preparing this entry, not even the radio.

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