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Saturday, 23/Aug/2008

Martin Clunes on Islay

Picture of Jim McEwan, Martin Clunes and Duncan McGillivray at Bruichladdich

Islay seems to be quite popular with the television producers at the moment. Last year the BBC's Springwatch came to Islay, followed by Swiss TSR visiting Islay. Then there was the Russian 3 channel reporting from Islay while most recently James and OZ came to Islay on their Great British Adventure. The latest guest to Islay was now actor and comedian Martin Clunes, filming for the television series ‘Islands of Britain’.

The 3 part series will be shown on ITV in late 2008 or early 2009. During his stay on Islay Clunes visited various businesses and according to Jim McEwan ‘Martin and the crew were really surprised by the level of entrepreneurial activity on Islay compared to other islands they visited’.

At Bruichladdich distillery he learned about the whole whisky making process and distilled a cask of his very own. With Islay Birding he went otter spotting. Other businesses he visited were Spirited Soaps, StormCats and Dunlossit Estate with the Avonvogie Abattoir.

As I don't have a television I guess I will miss the programme, one of the the rare moments where I miss having a television. The programme sounds quite promising.

I'll just have to listen to a good CD with a wee dram of Bruichladdich instead. May be Rolling Stones' Forty Licks I was listening to while writing this entry?

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