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Sunday, 14/Sep/2008

Japanese Blogger Visits Islay

Over lunch and while waiting for the last fog to clear before going out for a Sunday afternoon walk I thought I'd share a blog with you I discovered recently. Like me most of you will probably not be able to read much on it, as the blogger is from Japan (but lives in Scotland now). That shouldn't stop you from discovering the many pictures, including several from Islay:

The blog is called Bird Avenue and is written by binbird. The topics are views of Scotland and bird- and wildlife of Scotland. The blogger started the blog to share all the ‘new’ birds many Japanese might not be familiar with as well as the many beautiful views in Scotland.

Last year binbird visited Islay. As of writing this there are four entries from the visit to Islay:

But there's also other interesting content, for example the Sparrowhawk in the garden (including a video of the Sparrowhawk eating its prey).

With that I'm off, letting you discover the rest of the blog yourself. Back later for the Islay blogging roundup.

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