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Wednesday, 24/Sep/2008

Islay and Fleetwood Fishing Industry Fleet

Picture of the wreck of a fishing trawler close to a rocky shore

On Monday I wrote about Islay Trawler Photos, the first of the promised follow up posts to the Islay Blogging Roundup #49. Today I'm going to take a look at the Fleetwood Fishing blog to see what information it holds about Islay, or to be precise any links between the Fleetwood trawlers and Islay. Many people will be aware of the Wyre Majestic wreck in the Sound of Islay near Bunnahabhain. But there's more:

I've already mentioned the Criscilla FD261, which ran aground in the Sound of Islay near McArthur's Head in 1931. A search for entries containing ‘Islay’ on the blog brings up several more interesting entries. A tragic end for the Ida Adams which hit Frenchman's Rock on the west coast of Islay in 1930, although at least everyone including the ship's dog was saved.

Unfortunately four men died when the San Sebastian sank off the coast of Islay in 1937, the survivors went through quite an ordeal before they were saved. Not much luckier was the Margaret Wicks - FD265, which was refloated after stranding on rocks at the Mull of Oa, but later declared a CTL and broken up in Faslane.

As the site is still quite young there might be more entries with links to Islay coming up, so it might be worth revisiting it in a few weeks or months.

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