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Tuesday, 16/Dec/2008

From Oronsay to Antarctica

Picture of a farm next to an old priory

Sorry, still no real Islay blogging today. Today it's Ian's from the Islay Birds blog fault. In his entry from last night he mentioned a very interesting blog I thought should be brought to a few more people's attention. It's written by Stacey and called Stacey in Antarctica. So where's the connection to Islay and why mention it here?

Now I might be wrong here (It's difficult to keep track of the movements of all the RSPB folk, if I'm wrong please correct me in the comments), but I think Stacey worked on Islay at some point. More recently though she worked on the RSPB Oronsay reserve. Oronsay is obviously the direct neighbour of Colonsay and therefore also a close neighbour to Islay.

Stacey will write about her experiences in Antarctica on her blog. Having just arrived in the area she has posted the first pictures of her new surroundings, compare the picture above of her home on Oronsay to the views Around Signy and The JCR, just off Signy (that's not her final destination yet, hopefully pictures are to follow). After a quick search I managed to locate a page about Bird Island Research Station and managed to locate it on Google Maps. Yes, that looks quite remote...

PS: This isn't the first time I mention Antarctica on this blog. The last time someone travelled the other way around, kind of: From Antarctica to Islay

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