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Monday, 29/Dec/2008

Why Managers Should Visit Islay

Yes, why should managers or aspiring leaders visit Islay? Apart from to relax, enjoy the whisky, view the sights, go hunting or getting away from it all? Well, at least at this time of the year apparently they could learn something. By going birdwatching, in particular considering all the geese on Islay during the winter months. Lessons from geese:


Note: This is some kind of motivational video/presentation/speech which can be found in various version on the interweb. It is attributed to a number of different people and even sold for a lot of money as a training programme. I leave it to you to decide what to think of it.

I personally think just watching the geese on Islay is probably the best option, with or without the motivational management babble around it ;-)

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