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Saturday, 17/Jan/2009

Islay on Twitter

With my last post of 2008 (2008 on dropping off the front page today and having made my 100th ‘tweet’ yesterday (this one to be precise) I thought it's time to give this thing its own blog entry: Twitter and Islay. Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ service which has been around for a while, but now seems to have reached a critical mass. Both in general as well as far as Islay is concerned:

As I said Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ service. You can post short entries and updates with up to 140 characters. You can reply to others (publicly) and do a few other things. Some people from Islay have been using it for quite a while, I took the plunge on the 29th of December 2008 and recently a number of people from Islay have joined as well. Here are those ‘Twitterers’ (?) with an Islay connection I'm aware of:

These are the ones I know of, apologies if I missed anyone (I think there are some, but I don't know the connection to Islay). I can be found under islayblog (no surprise there) and if you know of anyone else please let me and others know through the comments.

If you're just curious about what people are ‘twittering’ about Islay you can use this realtime search for Twitter postings with the word ‘islay’.

I think that's all there is about Islay and Twitter for now. As I said, if I missed you from the list or if you join after this entry please let me and others know via the comments (or by just ‘following’ us). Depending on how many more there are / will be I'll either update this post and / or create a separate section in the sidebar.

Other people say:



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