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Tuesday, 20/Jan/2009

Quick Reminder: Islay on BBC 2

If you've had enough of the Obama inauguration by now here's a last gentle reminder that Islay will also be on telly tonight, at 20:00 GMT. At least if you're in the UK or can watch BBC 2 via satellite. Not to forget that you need to have a TV in the first place (I don't have one). Then you should probably watch Oz and James Drink to Britain - Episode 3, as they will be on Islay today:

The next day, they head for Islay, which is famous for its peaty whiskies. James conducts an unusual experiment using Scottish bio-fuel which scares the pants off Oz. Later, they visit the picturesque Bruichladdich Distillery run by Englishman Mark Reynier, where they receive a tour of the ancient machinery and learn how whisky is made from beer. The Scottish leg of their trip concludes with the pair bravely accepting the ultimate in tasting challenges.

For those without a television (like me) I expect it will soon be available on the BBC iPlayer (for a limited period). Alternatively I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up on YouTube at some point (ahem, I didn't really write that. It's obviously illegal etc pp....).

Some of what you're going to see in the programme is related to this: Whisky Powered Racing Car on Islay

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