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Saturday, 24/Jan/2009

British Ultra Video #2 (Islay to Jura)

That went quite quick, after the first British Ultra video with the arrival on Islay further videos have now appeared on jamsie74 (Jamsie)'s channel. As of writing this part 2 to 6 are available. Here is part 2 with the first morning on Islay and the first stage of the race:


After the start at Ardbeg I spotted Claggain Bay, the summit of Beinn Bheigier, I think the area around Kilennan and towards the end the road along the Sound of Islay from Bunnahabhain. I'm now off to watch the other parts, I'll aim to blog about them over the next few days. Many thanks to Jamsie for putting these together and sharing them!

PS: I've just noticed that the Scottish Ultra 2009 will take place on Islay and Jura as well, 3rd - 8th of May 2009 to be precise. Looking at the race info there will be two race days on Islay and four on Jura.

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