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Thursday, 05/Feb/2009

Islay Photoblog News

Islay photoblogs are like buses: You wait ages for one and then three turn up at once. Well, kind of. While both this blog and Ron's Islay Weblog have been around for approaching three years and we've had pictures for a long time, there hadn't really been a dedicated photoblog for Islay, let alone Jura. This has changed dramatically now:

While not strictly speaking a dedicated Islay photoblog Mirko Herzner can probably claim to have started it all. He posted the first picture of a long series about Islay and Jura back in September 2008 (and is still going strong). I'd say he was at least inspiration for others. Another one which had an influence on me is Photogenic Scotland, which often has Islay pictures in its Islay category.

I think I can claim mine was the next and the first dedicated Islay photoblog to be launched when I posted the first picture to my Islay Pictures - Pictures from the Isle of Islay, Scotland photoblog in mid December. I've made it to almost 60 pictures now, so far managing to keep to my one a day plan.

A week later Ron followed with his Islay Pictures - Picture Blog from the Scottish Isle of Islay. He's taken a different approach and mainly wants to give others the opportunity to post pictures.

The latest addition and the real reason for this entry is Mark Unsworth's photoblog: Yesterday he started his Islay Photography Gallery photoblog, where we should hopefully see many more great Islay pictures. After all Mark sits right at the source, he lives on Islay and is a professional photographer running Islay Studios (as well as Islay Whisky Photography). Certainly worth adding the RSS newsfeed for Mark's photoblog to your newsreader (if you use one). Welcome to the club, Mark!

Now what's missing is a dedicated Isle of Jura photoblog, at least I'm not aware of one. May be Grahame would be interested in that challenge?

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