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Wednesday, 11/Feb/2009

Kite Surfing Spots on Islay

While playing around with the latest version of Google Earth to see what information it has about Islay (some useful, quite a lot not so much, as far as I can tell so far) I came across at least one interesting Islay snippet. Well, at least interesting for some. While my initial goal was to try to dive under the sea around Islay what I found often takes place just above the water:

The sport I'm talking about is obviously kitesurfing and the website I've stumbled across today is called It's a site that lists kitesurf and windsurf spots, two of which (so far) are from Islay in the Argyll and Bute zone:

There's a variety of information on each page, from a map over coordinates to kitesurfing information for the spot. Not very detailed, but I assume sufficient to decide if the spot it worth visiting. There are also a few pictures available from each spot, including this picture of a kitesurfer in front of Bowmore distillery.

The one spot I was surprised to be missing is The Big Strand at Laggan Bay. However, I've found a related page which might be of interest for windsurfers as well as kitesurfers: WindGURU: United Kingdom - Islay, The Big Strand. It lists wind and wave conditions in regular intervals. Not sure where the data is coming from, I'm guessing possibly from the airport. Regular readers might remember the Kite Surfing on Islay (video) from 2007 with a few kitesurfers in action here.

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