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Saturday, 28/Feb/2009

Colonsay Wildlife Videos

Having a slow and relaxing day today, reading, surfing the web, watching videos, that kind of stuff. Some of it Islay related, some Jura and some Colonsay. Which nicely leads me to this evenings entry, where I've decided to take you over to Colonsay with two short videos of wildlife on and around Islay's northerly neighbour:


The description of the video is quite minimalistic, all it says is ‘seabirds’. I'm guessing this is in the cliffs on the west coast of Colonsay, just south of Kiloran Bay. The next video is probably the shortest video I'll ever link to, only 7 seconds long (with the real action even less than that):


While very short I think it's a brilliant view of a dolphin. I've seen dolphins in the waters around Islay a couple of times but I've never seen any this close. The only time I've seen them this close was much further north somewhere in The Minch when returning from the Faroe Islands with the STS Malcolm Miller.

That's all I have for this evening, time to leave Colonsay and return home, be it to Islay or anywhere else in the world. Good night for now!

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