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Sunday, 29/Mar/2009

Islay Blogging Roundup #74

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's a rather short weekend over. Losing an hour today didn't really help in making progress with the Islay Walking Week 2008 travelogue, although I managed to add a bit to the 6 Chapels Walk, Islay page. On a positive note it is still light (even if only just) when I'm writing this at just before 20:00hrs. In other words, here's the first Islay Blogging Roundup written at British Summer Time for this year.

Let me start with the pictures this week: I’ve had the blues, but not anymore… says Niall Benvie, who is also Re-thinking “landscape”. Ron has a Rainbow on Islay near Carnduncan and a Sunset at Loch Indaal Islay Autumn 2008 on his picture blog.

Mark Unsworth's Islay Photography Gallery is wondering Who's watching who? I'm not sure there's an answer. Some interesting light in Portnahaven Village and a rather wild Spume at Saligo. Ewan Graham of Islay Photos has Daffodils in the Garden and shares a nice view of Fishing Boats at Port Ellen on a Winters Morning with us.

Photogenic Scotland takes us from West Loch Tarbert to Port Ellen from the Islay Ferry. Mirko Herzner shows us Lyrabus Croft B&B: My cosy home (see also the Lyrabus Croft B&B website) and a rather old cask at Bunnahabhain.

On Islay Sea Shipping Elliott has a view of the M.V Valiant departing Port Ellen bound for Belfast. He also mentions disruptions to the Islay Ferry Service for technical reasons. On my own Islay Pictures photoblog I was quite happy with The Paps of Jura from Kilslevan, Isle of Islay and the Peat Stack Near The Machrie.

How about some whisky? Quite a few whisky related posts this week:

The Bunnahabhain “Darach Ùr” arrived in Austria, a Finnish blog says fantastinen viskin maailma: Bruichladdich Peat and John reveals the name of the new Jura whisky collection. And The Peat Goes On at while The Whisky Exchange blog has a Bruichladdich Octomore / Ardbeg Supernova Tasting.

The Things You Do For Love… is Dubber & Clutch selling some of their precious (Islay) single malts. Through the Friends of Laphroaig a Canadian now owns some Swampland in Scotland. A slightly surprising find is a French wine blog writing about Whisky Soap.

The Bruichladdich Blog informs us The Earth Moves on Islay. It also has a link to a rather interesting Distillery Map 1902 (not only of Islay, but Scotland). The ardblog is sad that Der Laphroaig 15 geht… And on the The Whisky Guy Blog we learn that Love Still Rules as well as more about The Language of Whisky.

In other news Ron tells us about a Caravan on Islay to let for Holidays and yesterday also picks up on the Dreamflight over Gigha Islay Jura and Colonsay (that's the Islay And Neighbours From The Air Videos I discovered on Monday). islayian asks what 21st century skills are and releases the beta of the Islay High School - School of Ambition Story. If you're a Maths and English teacher interested in a job on Islay you might want to watch out for the TESS after Easter.

And so to the birdwatching:

The BTCV Natural Talent says: I really do give a chough! John Islay Birder Armitage returns to Islay on a rather rough day, the next few days not being much better.

The Islay Birds blog this week has pictures of the Woodpecker finally giving in and two cock pheasants having a go at each other. Earlier in the week there were the international geese count numbers and a Swallow.

I think that's it. Before I leave you for today the usual link to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Just when you thought you knew what was going on… With that, good night, more blogging next week.

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