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Thursday, 30/Apr/2009

20 Immersive Islay Panoramas

Screenshot of a website with a header and 20 pictures

Tonight's entry I'm afraid is only for those with either a broadband connection or quite a lot of time. It requires quite large downloads, but I think they're worth it. I've done quite a few Islay panoramas myself, but these are in a different league. They are full size 360° immersive Islay panoramas, taking in a variety of locations, with a certain focus on two of the distilleries:

I don't have much information about it as the site itself doesn't give much away. It is called Primula :: Islay Trip. I'm not sure from when the panoramas are, although looking at the Port Askaig panorama and the progress at the buildings I'd hazard a guess they are from March or early April this year. The (very short) descriptions are in Italian, I'm guessing the creator is from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

That's all. Enjoy the panoramas. View them full screen.

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