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Thursday, 28/May/2009

Some Islay Whisky News & Links

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Everybody seems to have gone Feis Ile - Islay Festival of Malt and Music mad at the moment. The blogs are full it, Twitter is full of it, it's everywhere. So I guess I'll have to mention some of if it here as well again. But there was also another interesting Islay distillery related news item I picked up on this week.

Before I go into the two topics I decided to cover today a quick link to the Scotch Hobbyist’s Blog, who has already pulled together a lot of the links to Following Feis Ile 2009. Saves me having to do all the work.

Now on to Kilchoman, in the spotlight today. Many people will have been aware of the auction of the First bottle from the very first cask from Kilchoman, which took place today. My finances didn't allow me to place a bid with a realistic chance of winning, but the discussion and ‘winning bid guessing’ on Twitter was interesting and good fun:

butephoto kicked it off with a guess of £1975. The ScotchHobbyist (yes, that's the same as above) went higher with £2350. At that point I went in with my ‘bid’ of £2495. Last but not least simonmills69 undercut us all with £750. How wrong we all were: First Bottle of Kilchoman Whisky Auctions for over £5000. The ScotchHobbyist summed it up well. Want to see the action? The Ileach has a video of The Kilchoman Auction

After all that action on to their nearest (distillery) neighbour, Bruichladdich distillery:

The Daily Record reports: Scottish Green Awards: Island whisky company leads way in fight against climate change. The Islay whisky company in question is Bruichladdich distillery, although reading the report as well as studying the Scottish Green Award website they are ‘only’ a nominee so far. The judging day is the 28th of August and the shortlist won't be posted on their website until the week of the 7th of September.

There are a number of categories (possible nomination opportunities for other Islay based companies?) and Bruichladdich has been entered in the Best Green SME category. Fingers crossed they will proceed to the shortlist and hopefully even win it eventually.

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