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Monday, 22/Jun/2009

Upcoming Islay Beach Rugby Videos

While I thought I had seen quite a few video cameras at the recent Islay Beach Rugby tournament there seems to be very little of it available online. The only ones with some footage of the games I'm aware of are The Laddie Cup and The Lassie Cup from The Ileach. Having only just returned from Islay I still need a bit of time to go through all the footage I've taken, but hopefully should be able to make a few videos available over the next few days.

Picture of the winning team (Black Bottle) at the Islay Beach Rugby tournament 2009

I've already completed two videos, of the first and second half of the men's final between Black Bottle and Loch Lomond. They are currently uploading and processing at YouTube, I should be able to present them tomorrow. They contain footage of almost the complete game, because of YouTube's 10 minute length restriction I had to split it into two videos (two halves of 7 minutes each).

That should all be available tomorrow (it's getting a bit late today). By the end of the week I hope to review the other footage I've recorded and possibly add another video with may be a few highlights and general impressions.

As they say, ‘watch this space’...

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