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Wednesday, 24/Jun/2009

Traffic Lights on Islay

Picture of a temporary traffic light with the sign 'When Red Light Shows Wait Here'

Looking through some other pictures I originally wanted to blog about today (they can wait a few days now) I came across a few pictures of a rare sighting on Islay I took just over a week ago. No, not any rare birds or rare animal. Traffic lights. Usually the main reasons for having to slow down or stop on Islay apart from normal stops at junctions are the moving roadblocks. There are no permanent traffic lights on Islay. But recently there were (and may be still are?) a few temporary traffic lights in Bridgend in the centre of Islay.

I'm not sure what the roadworks were for (and if they are complete now), but a fairly long stretch of road between the junction to Islay House Square and Jimmy's including the bridge over the River Sorn had been reduced to single file.

Picture of a car passing temporary traffic lights

Seeing those traffic lights reminded me of a story I heard a few years ago when there were road works with temporary traffic lights on the Low Road between Bowmore and Port Ellen: I can't remember who it was, but I was told someone jumped them (as there was no other car in sight anywhere) just the moment the policeman came over the hill. The policeman duly stopped him and gave him a ticket.

I'll let you decide what the lesson in all this is.

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