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Sunday, 28/Jun/2009

Cooling Down On Islay

Apologies if you were expecting an Islay blogging roundup this evening. It's far too hot and I'm too tired to compile one today. Looks like the (first) heatwave they have been promising for this summer has arrived in the UK. At least in Aldermaston Wharf from where I'm writing this it was 25°C+. Port Ellen seems to have managed 20.6°C late this afternoon, not bad for Islay. At least there's a quick remedy:

Picture of a group of men standing in the water off a beach, a Calmac ferry in the background

This picture was taken during the recent Islay Beach Rugby tournament, I'm guessing they were members of one of the participating teams cooling down after their (last?) game. The temperatures were probably similar to today then.

That's all I have for tonight, I hope to pull together an Islay blogging roundup over the next few days. Good night for now!

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