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Tuesday, 30/Jun/2009

Ali's Islay Pictures

Having just spent quite some time looking through Ali's view the decision what to blog about this evening was quite easy: Ali's pictures, in particular her Islay pictures. Alison and her family live in Northumberland, but from the looks of it travel in the UK regularly, including visits to Islay. While most of her Islay pictures are tagged with Islay not all are, so I'd like to point out a few more and some of my favourites:

One older picture is Sanaigmore pebbles, I like all the different colours and sizes in this picture. Probably from the same holiday is Islay Sea, waves snapped just at the right moment.

Much more recent, from May this year, is Walking with Dad. Anyone familiar with Islay's beaches will probably instantly recognise where it was taken. A great place for a walk.

The clouds and the ‘Opera House Rocks’ north of Saligo in the distance on Last light remind me a bit of the sunset timelapse I posted yesterday, the dark clouds coming in with the last light.

Let me finish with a question (and an appeal to the birders among my readers to may be help out?): Nest of eggs - a Tern perhaps?

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