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Wednesday, 08/Jul/2009

Cycling Visit to Islay and Jura

Today we're going on a cycling visit to Islay and Jura. Well, if you want to you can go a bit further, but Islay and Jura is what I'm going to focus on here. Mhairi and Allan seem to be quite keen cyclists and walkers as well as generally outdoor people, at least judging from many of the sets in Mhairi's Flickr photostream. Recently they went on a 10 day island hopping cycling tour:

Their journey started in Aberdeen and first took them to Arran. The next day they crossed over to Islay, some interesting pictures in that set. Still on Arran they saw some very tame deer (although what's more worrying is the note under the picture). Despite the rather grey weather a very interesting view of the Islay ferry at Kennacraig, I didn't know this view was possible. Unfortunately Islay wasn't too welcoming when they arrived, or a Mhairi put it, 'Lovely' Islay.

Now on Islay for day 3 they had a look around despite the still rather dreich weather. They visited the enormous pile of scallop shells, had lunch on the harbour wall at Bowmore before making their way past Bruichladdich distillery to Port Charlotte where they had dinner at the Port Charlotte Hotel

Luckily the weather changed for their fourth day, when they went to Jura. And how it changed: Not a cloud in the sky in this picture of the Paps from Port Askaig. More great views on Jura like this or this. The break in front of the Isle of Jura Hotel also looks much more relaxed in a t-shirt and shorts!

The next day they left Islay for Oban, but they were missing Jura already. Their journey continued with visits to Barra, North Uist and Skye before returning to Aberdeen. Some more nice pictures there like this beautiful bay on Barra or the view of Portree harbour.

I hope you enjoyed the journey and some of my picks from the pictures. Please take a look at the other pictures as well, I only picked a handful of the many nice pictures Mhairi and Allan took.

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