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Tuesday, 18/Aug/2009

Time Team at Finlaggan, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Back in January 1995 I was just getting ready to move to the UK, I'm not sure to what extent I was aware of Islay's existence at that time. So it shouldn't come as a big surprise that I missed the Time Team's visit to Islay. I recently found out that someone has uploaded a (low resolution) video of the Time Team's visit to Islay on to Google Video:

Quite interesting to watch, I picked up the odd fact or two I hadn't been aware of before. The breakwater in Loch Indaal where the galleys arrived, while I had noticed the feature before I wasn't aware that it was man-made and why.

Unfortunately the weather turned out quite bad for almost the whole time the Time Team was filming on Islay. I think if you're just visiting Finlaggan for an hour or so rainy or misty weather just adds to the mystical feeling of the place, but I don't think it's really what you want for a few days of digging and filming.

May be they will make it back to Islay one day, hopefully with better weather?

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