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Saturday, 12/Sep/2009

Islay Potpourri

Islay News in stencil

Having spent most of the afternoon cobbling together (I don't think I should call my process ‘writing’ or ‘coding’) my first plugin for the Islay Pictures photoblog I don't have much time left for blogging this evening. But I can't leave you without any Islay links this evening, so here are a few you might find interesting:

Let me start with some rather old news, from 20 years ago to be precise: The Islay Half Marathon 1989 Race Report, published in the EK News (I'm guessing that's East Kilbride News?). Found and posted on Flickr by the Calderglen Harriers, who seem to be regular participants.

For a nice picture you might want to head to Passing Storm, Loch Indaal

In ‘This Is Local London’ we find Always a welcome, a very nice, quite detailed and positive report from a visit to Islay and Jura.

Last but not least Terror attack hero John Smeaton gets caught napping on his honeymoon. And where did he go for his honeymoon? To Islay of course, although he wasn't caught napping until his way back.

That's all for now, good night!

PS: In case you're interested to know what the above mentioned plugin does, it adds links for the ‘social networking’ platforms to each page. I hope at least some of you will find it useful.

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