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Thursday, 17/Sep/2009

Cliffs and Sunset on Colonsay Video

Having a rather busy week at work, hence the fairly late Islay blog entries at the moment. Actually, more of a Colonsay blog entry today, for the simple reason that I've decided to take you on a short excursion to Colonsay. How? With this nice video of some cliffs, birds and a sunset on Colonsay:


Now I have no idea what the title of the video means, not even which language it is in (I'm guessing Polish or another Eastern European language?). To be honest I can't even be sure this is definitely Colonsay, but after studying a few pictures I'm fairly sure this is at Pigs' Paradise on Colonsay. A place I haven't visited yet, but hope to one day.

I hope you enjoyed this excursion, good night for now!

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