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Saturday, 26/Sep/2009

My Experience of Laphroaig Live

Picture of a large monitor and a laptop with the Laphroaig Live event on screen

Last night after posting the Friday Islay Picture of the Laphroaig Distillery visitor centre I went to bed for an early night. Not before setting my alarm to 00:30 hrs though, as I had decided to watch Laphroaig Live really live, even though I knew there was going to be a recording of the show. So was getting up in the middle of the night to watch a few people tasting whisky, food and cocktails worth it?

To be honest, I'm undecided. I must admit, compared to the previous shows I was slightly disappointed. Difficult to pinpoint, but something just wasn't right. They certainly got through a lot during the show, don't get me wrong there.

After an introduction to Maker's Mark distillery in Kentucky (this year's location for the event) followed by the introduction of hosts there was some ‘barrel nosing’ which I thought looked a bit funny. Then on to the tastings, first three Laphroaigs, then the Maker's Mark (they only have one expression). Next were a few whisky cocktails and some food to go with whisky, followed by a few audience questions. Suddenly after 40 minutes it was already all over.

I think this was probably where the problem was: It felt a bit rushed, certainly for me. By the time I was finishing my Laphroaig 10yo they were already finishing with the Laphroaig 25yo, the third of the Laphroaig expressions they were tasting! I think I wasn't the only one with that impression, from the Twitter conversations with some of the guys I'm following I had the feeling they thought the same.

Still, I'm not sad or disappointed about getting up in the middle of the night. It was still fun to watch live and discuss what we were watching with some of the guys like ScotchHobbyist and WHISKYhost. Not to forget managing to catch this picture, where it looks like John Campbell is smiling approvingly about my Laphroaig collection:

Picture of John Campbell of Laphroaig distillery during Laphroaig Live on a computer screen

If you've missed the live event but still would like to see it to form you own opinion, the recording of the Laphroaig Live webcast is available here. Also John Hansell has posted Some pics from his visit to Maker's Mark Distillery and is also asking what people thought.

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