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Monday, 12/Oct/2009

Some Oronsay Videos

Getting to Oronsay from Islay is quite a journey. First of all it's only possible on Wednesdays (during the summer timetable). Then you'd drive to Port Askaig, where you catch the ferry from Islay to Colonsay. From Scalasaig you either walk or drive (if you brought your car) to The Strand. Assuming it's low tide you then walk across The Strand to Oronsay, otherwise you'll need a canoe. Finally you arrive on Oronsay, although there is still some further walking required to reach the interesting places. If all that sounds too much for you, how about a few videos to get you interested?

Let me start with a video I've linked to before, as it is the most comprehensive video of a visit to Oronsay I'm aware of:


Unfortunately the next video is rather short and doesn't show you any of the Celtic crosses, but one of the main things to visit on Oronsay for many people will be the remains of the priory:


You'll have to stay over night for this view (or bring your own boat), but then you might get this fantastic sunset:


Oh, and if you thought the journey back to Islay from Oronsay is a long journey again, take pity with these guys on their epic journey home to NYC from Oronsay:


I hope you've enjoyed the videos, I've done the excursion from Islay to Oronsay (via Colonsay) several times. Some of the information I've collated on my excursion to the Isle of Colonsay page, which includes some information about Oronsay as well.

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