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Tuesday, 03/Nov/2009

Two Islay Whisky Links

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Looking at the entries since the return from my latest Islay visit I don't seem to have written about whisky and distilleries much apart from the Laphroaig Distillery Photosynth. That despite having visited Laphroaig, Bruichladdich and Kilchoman during that week. Apart from various Laphroaigs and Bruichladdichs I did manage to get 3 miniatures of the Kilchoman Inaugural Release. One I'm planning to taste some time soon, but not now. Instead just two Islay whisky links I came across recently:

Just before I left for my holidays I came accross an entry titled Bunnahabhain's golden quest in ‘The Drinks Business’. It's about a Bunnahabhain promotion which was launched recently, called Discover the Golden Cork:

If you discover the Golden Cork in your bottle of Bunnahabhain you will be on your way to this beautiful island to enjoy a “once in a lifetime” whisky adventure.

I also noticed that the online shop seems to have been improved. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the distillery during my last visit, so I'm now considering buying the Wobbly Glass online.

Next to Laphroaig, where after the already mentioned Photosynth I've hopefully got one or two panoramas still to come. But not yet, instead just a link to a report in the Scotsman:

[..], the distilling process is much the same whether you are on Islay or Okinawa. Put bluntly, one distillery tour is not hugely different from another and, by the third, even the most ardent fan might find it hard to raise an interested eyebrow as yet another mash tun hoves into view.

At Laphroaig, one of three distilleries on the south of the island, they have a solution. Their recently launched Source, Peat, Malt tours step outside the 200-year-old distillery and show visitors where the elemental ingredients of the whisky come from.

More of this in Laphroaig's distillery tour travels to the source of the distinctive flavours of its whisky. Nothing hugely new in this report, but still it's nicely written and Jonathan Trew seems to have liked the experience.

Time for a dram…

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