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Thursday, 05/Nov/2009

Bowmore Islay Whisky Tasting in Italian

Islay on Video written in stencil

Same as Halloween a few days ago I'm going to pretty much ignore Bonfire Night tonight. Instead I'm going to take you away from Islay to a foreign country. Well, kind of. To Italy, Firenze, if I'm not mistaken. Many people will be familiar with the often rather exaggerated language of whisky tasting notes. Now I have no idea if the language used in this video is as exaggerated, but at least you can listen to how an Islay single malt whisky is described and tasted in Italian:


The whisky in question is obviously a Bowmore 15 Darkest. I believe the location is the Trattoria Da Burde in Firenze. I'm guessing the gentleman doing the presentation is Andrea Gori, who is also writing about the ‘Bowmore 15 Darkest – Islay’ here.

That's about it.

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