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Sunday, 08/Nov/2009

Back of the Islay Hotel October 2009 Panorama

On Wednesday I posted the Islay Hotel October 2009 Panorama. In the entry I mentioned I was hoping to post the counterpart with the back of the hotel later in the week. Good news, I've been able to keep that promise, I've just uploaded the view of the back of the Islay Hotel to the Islay Hotel Port Ellen 180° Panoramas collection:

Panoramic picture of the back of an under construction hotel

Same as with the other panorama that's just a tiny preview up there, for the full view you need to visit the The back of the Under Construction Islay Hotel, Isle of Islay, October 2009 - 180° Quicktime VR Panorama. That will give you a much much more detailed view and with the hotspots in the panorama you can find out what will be where in the finished hotel.

As you can see from the preview already the scaffolding has come down and construction of the extension is well under way. The toilets for the restaurant and bar will be towards the right (moved out from the main building) while the bar I believe will be on the left. From the windows at the top of the building you get some great views over to Kilnaughton Bay and other places.

That's all for this night, I better get to bed, it's getting late. Good night for now!

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