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Tuesday, 17/Nov/2009

Mid November Islay Whisky News

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Considering it is now past the mid of November and only 37 days until Christmas as of writing this some of you might be thinking about Christmas presents. Islay Christmas presents. Islay single malt whisky Christmas presents to be precise. Here are a few suggestions and links you might be interested in for that purpose:

For the first you probably need to be fairly quick, I suspect it will be gone in a few days: Laphroaig has just released 700 bottles of the Triple Wood, not entirely sure if it's to everyone or just the Friends of Laphroaig. If you're not a Friend yet this could be a good time to join. But as I said earlier they seem to go quickly, earlier this evening John mentioned around 500 bottles were left.

The next one is both supply and time limited, for it is the Children in Need - Port Ellen Cask End Auction arranged by Murray McDavid/ Bruichladdich. There's obviously only one available and you have to get your bid in by Monday 23rd November. Proceeds go to BBC - Children in Need, as mentioned on the Bruichladdich Blog.

Finally a rather expensive one from the defunct Port Ellen distillery, you also need to be fairly quick as it is an auction on the 18th of November: A Port Ellen Maltings 21 years old is expected to fetch £1,200 to £1,400.

Looking through the list there are a few more from Islay, like the Black Bowmore-1964 for an estimated £1,500 to £1,700 or a bargain (in comparison) Bruichladdich 1970 for an estimated £150 to £180.

Happy shopping!

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