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Saturday, 19/Dec/2009

Islay News Snippets in December

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Less than a week to Christmas now, many people will be winding down for the Christmas break over the next few days. Travel and internet access permitting I'm hoping to provide you with your daily dose of Islay blogging all the way through to the new year though. With that in mind here are three Islay news snippets I picked up recently:

While a lot of the work wasn't done on Islay or even anywhere near it, the Sound of Islay still played an important role in Tidal turbine wins technology award. This is about the Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) at Strathclyde University winning an award at the Energy Institute Awards. They did this with the Next generation marine turbine they are working on, if you are an engineer you might be interested in reading the documentation of the project. Here's a video of the turbine being tested in the Sound of Islay:


I'm not sure if this is ‘in the wild’ or in a test tank, but this video shows the CoRMaT tidal turbine in operation. Not terribly exciting if you're not an engineer probably, but at least you can see it in action.

If you go back to the Islay Blogging Roundup #98 you'll find a mention of IslayIan taking 5 pupils to the WDCS Sea Life Junior Whale Conference. Turns out there's more to it, as TES Connect reports: Clever use of fluke lands them a big one. In short, they won the award for the best presentation and now get to adopt a whale. You can see pictures of them in action including Ciara playing football with a fluke in WDCS Sea Life Junior Whale Conference Day 1 part 2.

Finally The Ileach is up to a bit of mischief as For Argyll reports in Ileach launches inspired mischief. In short, as you can find on the Ileach website they suggest you go and Name the new Northlink Ferries freight vessel. Choose any name you like. (We suggest 'Isle of Islay'), something Islay was denied for the new Islay ferry.

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