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Disathairne, 09/Jan/2010

Wednesday Islay Pictures

Wednesday Islay pictures? But isn't it Saturday today? Yes, it is. But as you can see from the timestamp in the pictures they were taken on Wednesday. Hence Wednesday Islay pictures. They were sent to me from a friend on Islay yesterday, I suspect he's picked up on the fact that I like pictures from high vantage points. They show views from the road above the lighthouse in Port Ellen, where the new houses are. To start a view of the beach at Kilnaughton Bay:

Picture of view of a bay with a sandy beach

If you read the How did Islay get away without snow? entry the pleasant green won't come as a huge surprise to you, but if you look closely you will spot the snow on the hills in the background. Next we turn right to Port Ellen Maltings, a good view of the new silo from here as well:

Picture of a maltings for whisky distilleries, seen from high up

I don't know to what extent they use the maltings or import from the mainland (in addition to what they do themselves), but what follows from a maltings? Correct, a distillery. In this case Laphroaig distillery:

View of a distillery from a distance, a village in the foreground

Finally we turn away from Islay (kind of) and look over to the mainland. Quite a bit more snow there from the looks of it, at least in the hills:

Picture of a view across the sea to snow topped hills

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, may be with a wee dram of Islay single malt? I certainly did, fitting to the picture above the good old trusted Laphroaig 10yo. If you insist on snow pictures though all I can do is to send you to Ron for some snow images from December or take you to West Berkshire for the Snow Picture of the Day - Snow in Tree I posted on my other blog earlier.

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